Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stop riding in winter?

We get more than a few e-mails or phone call up here that ask: "You guys ride in the snow?"
Well, duh.I think it is one of those Midwestern things that what a lot of people do up here, they just do. No bragging, no complaining, no real big deal. They just do it. And, with winter being a major season up here, well we make the best of it. Ice fishing , snow shoeing , snowmobiling , winter running, making a snowfort ,sledding ,skiing , drinking, well drinking can be done at the same time with almost all of these events.At the end of a winter activity filled day in Minnesota, a nice whiskey is most welcome. Hopefully, it will be in front of a fireplace with good company.
Now when people call up here and ask the question I posed earlier in this very post, my response is:"Hell yeah. We even race." Now with that being said, here is some video of Mr. E.Z.Taylor ripping it up on his mega custom Groove 29nr at the first ice race of the season. EZ got the hole shot, and he led the whole race.Get in front and stay in front, now that is a good strategy . Great times and good weather.
enjoy the day, and ride on, winter or summer.

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