Saturday, March 22, 2008

All fluxed up and no place to go ...

Here are some "action" shots of Adams new fork I guess I could call them action shots, but is there really any "action" in framebuilding?Thats one to think about I guess.
Anyway, check out these shots, this fork is sexy as hell!I just freehanded the drops, I just wanted to put a little sumpthin into them, and I think the whole "SPEARHEAD" look on the inside is pretty cool. It gives it a lot of depth that the stock drop doesn't have.There are so many ways to make them look cool and unique, this is just one. Look closely at the pictures, and you will see the differences that are there. Some are subtle, and thts cool.This was one fork I was bummed out to build, because it wasn't mine! Maybe I will have to make another one...Hmm...
The crown is a Long Shen , and I think I have seen it on a couple of 3RENSHO frames. I may be wrong, But I KNOW I have seen two 3RENSHO track frames with them. And they were hot!I think Long Shen might of copied them. I am too tired to know right now... This fork will be for a hot fixie that will be blazin around town. Keep an eye out for it, this is going to be one fast bike! Look for an update for the frame, I will be starting it tommorrow.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And here is Black Sunshine!!

So here is the bike that the fork is for in the first post. It is aptly named "Black Sunshine" from the wonder White Zombie album: La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1
Which, isa one of my favorites.Luby, the bikes owner, wanted a kickin bike with some awsome zombie rock power, and decided to name it Black Sunshine.
So we did. Please accept my photos as I am getting better, but I am a framebuilder and not a photo guy. I am working on it though.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bring the hellfire, let the steel melt, and unleash the dogs of war ...

Hello everyone.
I have finally got a log for the work done here at Peacock Groove's shop, and I hope you like what you see. Todays shots are of my friend Luby's fork. It is a 29nr and made to match his sweet Peacock Groove named :Black Sunshine! And yes , it was taken after the White Zombie song.It will be painted soon, and then out to Colorado where the Luby resides. Luby, if you are reading this, we miss ya!