Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bailey's Fork!

Good evening everyone, thought I would post this because this is one example of what I call "Deep Custom".
This is Bailey's Custom Peacock Groove fork. The crown is a Pacenti Cycle Design, one of my favorites! I added a little flair on this one for Bailey, because he has bought more Crolls than anyone I know, and is a pretty good guy.
Now for the details:
He wanted some Fleur DE lye dropouts, and the crown did not have the little spear part. So, I had some old lugs laying around and I gut them up, putting the little tips on the crown. Then I made a little more room on the underside of the crown for the big fat tires he wants to run. Then I made the custom integrated cable stop on the fork.
Look at the rear of the crown, a smooth fender mount.Look at the canti's... custom CNC machine baby...this is deep custom...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New tubes !!

Good afternoon everyone.
Things around the shop have been very busy lately, and if I missed your phone call, I will return it as soon as I can. Sometimes I read an e-mail and forget to respond. That is , unfortunately a real thing I need to work on.
So let's get 2010 rolling already with a couple of updates:
The phone number here is the same: 651-269-5295.
Mail address is the same too, noren52@gmail.com
And you want to stop by?
Here is the address:
Peacock Groove
The Ivy Building suite # 107
2637 27Th Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55406
Please call or e-mail if your are to stop by. I am taking visits by appointment only.I need to do this as to be fair to spend the right amount of time with everyone who comes down to the shop to get work done.This will also help to speed things up and get better turn around times and people on their bikes faster.
Things happening in 2010? Maybe getting a Peacock Groove race team together?
Stay postd, 2010 is looking real good!
take care,

Monday, July 27, 2009


That's right everybody! Please come to the first Minnesota Frame Builders show!
Times have been VERY busy here at P G headquarters, and If I have not got back to you about something, give me a ring or another e-mail, as things have been wild here.
Getting the show together and trying to balance my currant workload has been really difficult, but things are getting done and bikes are at painters . That's right , painters. Multiple painters. Boxes coming in and out the door so much I have seen two UPS guys and 3 Fed Ex guys....tornado of bikes!
Please come to the show, and bring your friends. This is the first time this has happend, and I wish to see many of you there.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

crushing blow....

Hey guys and gals,
here is a story and some pics to make your day.
I was riding home Sunday night in the rain, which I DETEST, and ow and behold, I hit a car. Parked where it should not have been, I will sum up :
I was coming home and it was raining, hard. I was tired of being cold and wet and put my head down and was gunning for home. I was most likely doing 20 to 22 mph.
I stopped. Suddenly, in the back of a car...
Didn't fall down, didn't fall over, just up and then down to a nice little trackstand, and then clipped out to figure out what just happened.
What happened is I just ran into a car with my 190 pounds and 30 pound trailer ... that is a little bit of force. I was ok , the car was ok, but the bike was not.
Take a look, and you can see what excellent welding, and the proper construction of a frame looks like after a horrendous crash. It took the absolute brunt of the force, and did not BREAK. It did buckle, but it did not break. This is a testament of what a proper weld should reflect : it is stronger than the material that is was made out of. Keep in mind that this frame and fork was made over 5 years ago, and has over 3,500 miles on it...heavy use. It served me very well, and I INTEND TO REPLACE IT.
Please watch out for the NUDGE 2, it will be better, stronger , and a hell of a lot cooler!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hug a friend ....

Yesterday was a day that I will not forget soon, I went to a funeral.
While that may not unusual , it was unique. It was for a unique person, Marlin Frans .
Who is Marlin Frans ? To sum up, I didn't know, I didn't know enough.
Marlin was the janitor/ security guy down at the Ivy building in which the Groove headquarters resides . Marlin kept the place clean, nice, and the work he did showed that he cared about the tenets here, and people in general.
When I went tot the funeral with my friend Bill, we were both a little surprised that there were that many people there. But, upon reflection of WHO Marlin was, I was surprised that there wasn't hundreds more....If you knew Marlin at all, then you would understand.Marlin touched many lives, and I will miss him considerably.
So please , do this for Marlin :
in the next month, if you are riding by the Ivy Builing ( on 26th by Skol Liquor )
stop, tip your hat, give a salute, just pay a little respect. He deserves it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's hear it for the girl!

Let's hear it for Jen, who is starting a new career, a birthday, and a new bike!
I was happy to make this bike because Jen wanted some real sexy lines, tight stays and soon to come a hot paint job. This bike has some wicked tight clearances, some new head tube reinforcements , and what I call the little Tie Fighter brake bridge. Take a look, and I will post when it gets back from paint!
Great job Jen !!

Monday, May 11, 2009

well well well .....

It has been a little while since I last punched in.
I will give a quick update:
NAHBS was awesome. Even though there was a couple ( and by couple I mean two) haters there... whoops...They were not even there, it was incredible. My hat is off to Don Walker for such a great event. I will be back next year, and I really look forward to it.
After NAHBS I came back and had my job " end the relationship" that they had with me.
Well, without much detail, it is all bunk. Those in the know, know. It was quite a shock to me, and it really hurt me. I never thought I would "blog" about it here, because this blog and Peacock Groove are my sanctuary , and I try to let no poison in.
But to recap, there are a couple of rumors that P G is closing. The answer:
no. And why? I don't know why some people would perpetuate this. Whatever....
All I can say is this:
"All you haters can suck my balls."
Peacock Groove will be putting out the hottest bikes yet . You just keep tuned to this.