Thursday, January 13, 2011

New shop, pneumonia, and the NAHBS!!

Well it has been a little while since we went down this little bike path known as the RIDDLE OF STEEL....Well, the title says it all. We moved, have been setting up shop, and getting things : painted, wired up, hung, plasterd, painted, moved, moved again,pizza, sick, vented, more wiring, and hanging some posters too.
Some things between this and myself being really very sick from the end of October to the End of November, and even into December. Docs don't really know what it is/ was, but it seems to be gone. I feel better than I have in months!
So, if I have not returned your phone call, or e-mail, please be patient or e-mail or call me again, I am catching up on all that type of stuff.
As for NAHBS, I am pretty excited about it this year. I think I have a couple of cool bikes going down to the show. Also going this year is a nice little slew of other local builders too :
Speedhound , Vincent Dominguez, Dave Anderson, Matt Appleman, and Curt Goodrich !
Looks like we got ourselves a little convoy. I attached a couple of teaser pics, and they may or may not be part of the bikes going down there. One thing for sure, they are true Peacocks.....

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