Monday, July 27, 2009


That's right everybody! Please come to the first Minnesota Frame Builders show!
Times have been VERY busy here at P G headquarters, and If I have not got back to you about something, give me a ring or another e-mail, as things have been wild here.
Getting the show together and trying to balance my currant workload has been really difficult, but things are getting done and bikes are at painters . That's right , painters. Multiple painters. Boxes coming in and out the door so much I have seen two UPS guys and 3 Fed Ex guys....tornado of bikes!
Please come to the show, and bring your friends. This is the first time this has happend, and I wish to see many of you there.


rox said...

ah! I don't know if I'll make the show. let me know if you need help setting up or anything, I'm kind of a slack ass this summer and have lots of free time. maybe I'll stop by to see what's up since I'm in the hood.

steve garro said...

just giving you a shout out! not blowing you off, just really busy, tired and in pain - so it goes. you still using that prestige i sent you? Garro.