Tuesday, June 9, 2009

crushing blow....

Hey guys and gals,
here is a story and some pics to make your day.
I was riding home Sunday night in the rain, which I DETEST, and ow and behold, I hit a car. Parked where it should not have been, I will sum up :
I was coming home and it was raining, hard. I was tired of being cold and wet and put my head down and was gunning for home. I was most likely doing 20 to 22 mph.
I stopped. Suddenly, in the back of a car...
Didn't fall down, didn't fall over, just up and then down to a nice little trackstand, and then clipped out to figure out what just happened.
What happened is I just ran into a car with my 190 pounds and 30 pound trailer ... that is a little bit of force. I was ok , the car was ok, but the bike was not.
Take a look, and you can see what excellent welding, and the proper construction of a frame looks like after a horrendous crash. It took the absolute brunt of the force, and did not BREAK. It did buckle, but it did not break. This is a testament of what a proper weld should reflect : it is stronger than the material that is was made out of. Keep in mind that this frame and fork was made over 5 years ago, and has over 3,500 miles on it...heavy use. It served me very well, and I INTEND TO REPLACE IT.
Please watch out for the NUDGE 2, it will be better, stronger , and a hell of a lot cooler!!!


Pierre said...

That sucks. Sorry I haven't been around lately.

Unknown said...

Camo was so last year anyway. I vote blaze orange for Nudge 2. Glad to hear you were not hurt.

Unknown said...

bring the bike back from the grave

Noren said...

Thanks for the comments guys.
Ben, yes there will be a Nuge 2 ...And good call, yes it will be blaze orange. 700 c, medium longtail, double fork( you will just have to wait for pics to get what I mean)with dual front disc's and a custom 135 spaced hub, and a trailer with DISC brakes. It will be awesome.
Barry, I am gonna put it on the wall with a sign that says: "Look up dork".
It would be just too much work to chop off and rebuild....Still love ya Pierre ... ride safe everybody!

Jeff said...

Oh Eric. Jeff the Sputnik boy wants to know if you still have a Sputnik hangin around anywhere. Give me a call bud. 612 dash 619 dash 1018

Jeff said...

P.S. I Love You