Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bailey's Fork!

Good evening everyone, thought I would post this because this is one example of what I call "Deep Custom".
This is Bailey's Custom Peacock Groove fork. The crown is a Pacenti Cycle Design, one of my favorites! I added a little flair on this one for Bailey, because he has bought more Crolls than anyone I know, and is a pretty good guy.
Now for the details:
He wanted some Fleur DE lye dropouts, and the crown did not have the little spear part. So, I had some old lugs laying around and I gut them up, putting the little tips on the crown. Then I made a little more room on the underside of the crown for the big fat tires he wants to run. Then I made the custom integrated cable stop on the fork.
Look at the rear of the crown, a smooth fender mount.Look at the canti's... custom CNC machine baby...this is deep custom...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New tubes !!

Good afternoon everyone.
Things around the shop have been very busy lately, and if I missed your phone call, I will return it as soon as I can. Sometimes I read an e-mail and forget to respond. That is , unfortunately a real thing I need to work on.
So let's get 2010 rolling already with a couple of updates:
The phone number here is the same: 651-269-5295.
Mail address is the same too, noren52@gmail.com
And you want to stop by?
Here is the address:
Peacock Groove
The Ivy Building suite # 107
2637 27Th Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55406
Please call or e-mail if your are to stop by. I am taking visits by appointment only.I need to do this as to be fair to spend the right amount of time with everyone who comes down to the shop to get work done.This will also help to speed things up and get better turn around times and people on their bikes faster.
Things happening in 2010? Maybe getting a Peacock Groove race team together?
Stay postd, 2010 is looking real good!
take care,