Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Jury.

The Jury is something I have wanted to do for a little while now.
What is it?
A run of twelve custom track bikes. 1,200 dollars each. This exclusive deal is for the first 12 people who respond. It is open for twelve only, and will only be done if there are 12 who order.These will be made custom to fit you. They will be track bikes!Track bikes only! There will be a hole for a brake in the fork, and that is the only braze on that will be on these bikes. No exceptions.
Here is the rundown of what it is : frame and fork only. Parts are seperate, but can be provided at a great cost to you.
12 track bikes.Tig welded main construction.Dropouts will be brass brazed. 4130 straight gauge main tubes. Columbus rear end ,and a track fork. The fork will be this crown with the 24mm round blades from Deda . This is an excellent build for a fork. Peacock Groove horizontal dropouts. Serial numbers will be Juror one, two , three etc etc.
One color paint done by Chris Kvale.If orders are placed by February, Frames will be delivered late may. This is a one time deal.Lets get some track bikes up in Blaine.

So Shiney !

Thought I would put up some pics of Chucks bike, which is almost done.
Short wheelbase 29nr, and shortened dropouts too. will be able to handle some big fat meats too.
I like the stainless cutout. There is something about stainless as a material that I have always admired, loved, and respected. All that is left really is hand cutting up a Daisey out of stainless and then running with it artistically .
Hold on Chuck, almost there....
and how about a link to what some of the Behind Bars boys did with an old Peacock ....

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 and so on ....

Good evening everyone, I hope 2010 has brought you happiness and joy, and more enthusiasm related to all things bike.
I wanted to put up this little video I took the other day, because the way the sun hit the dropout really clicked with me. It was a minute of beauty in a day full of surprises.