Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sick and WHAT?!?!?!

Hello everyone ! I would first like t o apologize at the lack of updates.
And now let me tell you why:
First the flu. With the flu the wonderful little bug known as bronchitis, as it took two to take me down. After three days and nights of not sleeping or eating, I went tot the Dr., soon after arriving I fainted and cracked my skull, knocking me out. Because of this I got to go ahead of the others in the waiting room, so that's the trick people. Fall on your face and you get to pass go, but pay 200 dollars....
Fast forward a few days and really not feeling well, can't stop coughing. Went in again. Post bronchial infection. Apparently if you get really sick with the icky crap like I did, it can take up to 3 months to heal....great. I was out for almost a whole month, and I am sorry about the lack of updates...but now you know. So please, have a happy holiday season and take care of yourself, you don't wanna have to watch daytime tv ...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Babes and Bikes in a bikeland and a Green Machine..

What a whirlwind it has been lately.Lots going on at the Shop and it is just plain busy!
I have finally, and I do meen finally made myself a new roadbike.
I started it fouryears ago, and just finally finished it.I wanted this bike a while ago and I decided to make sure everybodys bike was done before mine. That's just the way it turned out. Timing is everything, but the bike must be right before it goes out the door. But, about the new ride:
Incredible fit, rides so well I don't mind riding a "couple more" miles on it.I can't say enough about it, so I will leave it as "it rocks".More than I wanted, it keeps getting better. I should have built it sooner. How about some specs for the geeks in us all:
True Temper S3 tubing. Frame painted wieght was 3 lbs even. Hell yeah.
Zipp 404 painted to match rims mated to DT Swiss 240's via some DT areolights, 28 per wheel. Vittoria corsa evo sew ups. Campy RECORD cranks, painted to match. Thomson stem and seatpost. Syntace carbon bar- the most comfortable bar I have ever used. Period. Campy RECORD brake levers, oh yeah, painted to match.The paint is a PPG color called :"Poison Ivy". I thought it was fitting in a karmic way because this is the first bike I have built for myself after the shop moved, into The Ivy Building. And, it is also a shade shifting paint, from cobolt blue, violet, teal back to green. You must see it in person to belive it. I love this bike.
And, in other news, Peacock Groove will be sponsering the BABES IN BIKELAND alleycat race to be held on Saturday September 27th. The winner will recive a Peacock Groove CUSTOM frame and fork. This is a 2,200 plus retail value prize.That is some serious shit. Custom, made to order, and I am gonna do it up fanboy style.So- ladies, get your friends, get them to race, bring everybody, this is shaping up to be one hell of a gig.
enjoy the pics, even though they are incredible!
Still learning my camera...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

are the pics. Sorry, still new to this. Enjoy!

Way too late....

But I have been catching up on frames and work, been swamped. I also have been chasing T$ (TMONEY) around, and if you know him, you know why I am tired. But, Mr. T$, wait tell next year, and I will get you then.
For now, check out Adams super sweet track bike. This is truly above the bar custom. Bent any goodness out of the seatstays to get a slick super close torlerence look. The fork was close too, with just enough room for tire expansion at high speeds. Fast bike, clasic no frills paint job, but just came out stellar. I know I have done my job when the bike going out the door is hot and I want it for me. But, it's Adams so if you seee him riding around say HI. Enjoy and have a great day everybody,

Monday, June 16, 2008

custom part duooh!(2)

Well. I didn't really say everything I wanted to yesterday. I don't always elaborate well.
Custom, to me , is taking that fine tubeset of Italian steel, and making it into something no one else has. It isn't a "stock size. It didn't come out of a factory in Taiwan. I only know of one bike that has a skull headbadge that doubles as a beer bottle opener. And, that's right, it's a P G . It is in the details, and when you shape a lug that no one else has shaped, it makes it unique. The size of some custo mbikes might even be the same, but the differences can be as simple as : a sloping top tube, horizontal drops, rack mounts, disc brakes mounts, dropouts with your logo waterjet cut into them, stainless accents.
I don't care who poo poo's on stainless accents, they are hot !!
All this we at P G have done,and i wanted to let you guys and gals all know, we are gonna raise it up again.
What are we gonna do?
You are gonna have to wait tell NAHBS 09.
INDY. the state, not the jones guy.
I want to tshow that bikes can be beutiful , even while NOT following the standards of today, which were standards of yesterday, that lugs can take different shapes than what a lot of people are doing. A lot of the builders out there, especially the new ones, are making bikes that look like "BUILDER X" .That just aint my thing.
After working at Croll for over , 10 ish years, under 3 different owners, I am now, NOW just starting to do waht I wanted to do 10 years ago. I am catching up to my ideas, and making new ones too. I can garrantee, you will never have seen these new things in the bike world. EVER.
It will be damn worth it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where has the action been??

Ladies and Gentlemen,
pardon the lapse in any type of updates. I have been pretty ill, and just focusing on getting better,and now on to the goods....
Custom. You hear that word a lot these days in the bike world.Some, in fact very few desrve that title. Does making three thousand bikes with 4 different colors qualify as custom? When you get to chose what grips you put on your BRAND X bike, is that custom? If they are all the same, then, well everyone is unique.Now, this is not about one particular brand. Many brands out there follow this type of strategy.
When BRAND X has 500 bikes made with a "Custom Scandium Tubeset", if they are all a like is it custom? I dont think so.
Even some companies make a "limited run" of their same production bike, but with a new special color. special.
Now I have trouble typing what I want to say, it is hard to type what I feel, and when you think about a thousand miles a minute it is hard to get it all in. Sometimes I come across with the message backwards.I don't want to be misunderstood, these bikes are pretty good bikes, they ride just fine. In fact, some of them ride excellent. But, I won't be caught on the trail with another guy or gal with the same limited edition black custom "BRAND X" BIKE....
So...what is custom? I think that it is just that. Is it made to be unique? Does it have lugs that are filed different than any other bike that was made in the factory? Does it have unique geometry? Aspeicial one off fork? What's the axle to crown? Is it properly made for the fork travel? How about a 29ner with a 400mm axle to crown length? That would be a ridged non suspension corrected ride.The frame and fork are made for each other, which both are made for you.
You are unique. Shoudn't your bike be too?
I have only ever made super custom bikes. For me there is no other way. I have to make every Peacock Groove different, because that is the only way for me to say, " custom bikes".
these guys make custom bikes. Look at their sites and you will know what custom is. Check the blogs too.
Long live custom, long live the Groove!
These are just a few off the top of my head.
I may even have the address wrong. Google them.
Google custom.
and some pics! Of custom .

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some Irish anyone?

This is Bob's bike, back from Spectrum but before it is built up.I finished building it up Last Saturday, and it looks sweet!Enoy the day, and enjoy your ride more! The last pic is one a friend took, Linda Sue, and it is of Tony's bike. It is such a cool shot I wanted to put it up too. Enjoy.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

shamrocks and ...Bob's bike is done !

Look at Bob's Irish pride bike!

This bike is fab!Paint by Spectrum,

work by the Groove!



Monday, April 7, 2008

Time lapse?

yes there has been a time lapse here at the P G headquaters.
My uncle passed away recently, and that was where most of my time went.
So, I thought I would put up a few photos of one of my favorite bikes, Mia's Evil Pixie !
Enjoy !!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

All fluxed up and no place to go ...

Here are some "action" shots of Adams new fork I guess I could call them action shots, but is there really any "action" in framebuilding?Thats one to think about I guess.
Anyway, check out these shots, this fork is sexy as hell!I just freehanded the drops, I just wanted to put a little sumpthin into them, and I think the whole "SPEARHEAD" look on the inside is pretty cool. It gives it a lot of depth that the stock drop doesn't have.There are so many ways to make them look cool and unique, this is just one. Look closely at the pictures, and you will see the differences that are there. Some are subtle, and thts cool.This was one fork I was bummed out to build, because it wasn't mine! Maybe I will have to make another one...Hmm...
The crown is a Long Shen , and I think I have seen it on a couple of 3RENSHO frames. I may be wrong, But I KNOW I have seen two 3RENSHO track frames with them. And they were hot!I think Long Shen might of copied them. I am too tired to know right now... This fork will be for a hot fixie that will be blazin around town. Keep an eye out for it, this is going to be one fast bike! Look for an update for the frame, I will be starting it tommorrow.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And here is Black Sunshine!!

So here is the bike that the fork is for in the first post. It is aptly named "Black Sunshine" from the wonder White Zombie album: La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1
Which, isa one of my favorites.Luby, the bikes owner, wanted a kickin bike with some awsome zombie rock power, and decided to name it Black Sunshine.
So we did. Please accept my photos as I am getting better, but I am a framebuilder and not a photo guy. I am working on it though.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bring the hellfire, let the steel melt, and unleash the dogs of war ...

Hello everyone.
I have finally got a log for the work done here at Peacock Groove's shop, and I hope you like what you see. Todays shots are of my friend Luby's fork. It is a 29nr and made to match his sweet Peacock Groove named :Black Sunshine! And yes , it was taken after the White Zombie song.It will be painted soon, and then out to Colorado where the Luby resides. Luby, if you are reading this, we miss ya!