Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Way too late....

But I have been catching up on frames and work, been swamped. I also have been chasing T$ (TMONEY) around, and if you know him, you know why I am tired. But, Mr. T$, wait tell next year, and I will get you then.
For now, check out Adams super sweet track bike. This is truly above the bar custom. Bent any goodness out of the seatstays to get a slick super close torlerence look. The fork was close too, with just enough room for tire expansion at high speeds. Fast bike, clasic no frills paint job, but just came out stellar. I know I have done my job when the bike going out the door is hot and I want it for me. But, it's Adams so if you seee him riding around say HI. Enjoy and have a great day everybody,

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