Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sick and WHAT?!?!?!

Hello everyone ! I would first like t o apologize at the lack of updates.
And now let me tell you why:
First the flu. With the flu the wonderful little bug known as bronchitis, as it took two to take me down. After three days and nights of not sleeping or eating, I went tot the Dr., soon after arriving I fainted and cracked my skull, knocking me out. Because of this I got to go ahead of the others in the waiting room, so that's the trick people. Fall on your face and you get to pass go, but pay 200 dollars....
Fast forward a few days and really not feeling well, can't stop coughing. Went in again. Post bronchial infection. Apparently if you get really sick with the icky crap like I did, it can take up to 3 months to heal....great. I was out for almost a whole month, and I am sorry about the lack of updates...but now you know. So please, have a happy holiday season and take care of yourself, you don't wanna have to watch daytime tv ...