Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bailey's Fork!

Good evening everyone, thought I would post this because this is one example of what I call "Deep Custom".
This is Bailey's Custom Peacock Groove fork. The crown is a Pacenti Cycle Design, one of my favorites! I added a little flair on this one for Bailey, because he has bought more Crolls than anyone I know, and is a pretty good guy.
Now for the details:
He wanted some Fleur DE lye dropouts, and the crown did not have the little spear part. So, I had some old lugs laying around and I gut them up, putting the little tips on the crown. Then I made a little more room on the underside of the crown for the big fat tires he wants to run. Then I made the custom integrated cable stop on the fork.
Look at the rear of the crown, a smooth fender mount.Look at the canti's... custom CNC machine baby...this is deep custom...

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