Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bring the hellfire, let the steel melt, and unleash the dogs of war ...

Hello everyone.
I have finally got a log for the work done here at Peacock Groove's shop, and I hope you like what you see. Todays shots are of my friend Luby's fork. It is a 29nr and made to match his sweet Peacock Groove named :Black Sunshine! And yes , it was taken after the White Zombie song.It will be painted soon, and then out to Colorado where the Luby resides. Luby, if you are reading this, we miss ya!


Today: In Seven said...

That looks totally awesome. Can't wait to see what more you'll do!

Oh, just passing by and saying hello.

Noren said...

stay tuned, and wear two pairs of socks.

Drangeid said...

Thanks again for my bike. I rode it this morning, and thought (again) "I'm glad I have it." It doesn't have 8-speed D-A any more. I moved into this century. Finally.
I've had more than a few people unable to resist asking me about it. I tell them to buy one, because if they don't, no one will think they are cool, and they won't have the best stuff available.