Monday, February 22, 2010


We are loading up the vans now and getting ready to leave for Richmond tomorrow! Crazy times!
The Minnesotan builders that will be there are :Vincent Dominguez, Peacock Groove, Clockwork Bikes, Wyganowski Cycles ,Capricorn Cycles, and HED Wheels.
Gonna be quite the time.
Not like this bike train I had going earlier this year... we are using a van to get there...
stay cool,


lorenepyt said...

Hi there! You are probably not home yet but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday! I am the 5'1" girl who wants a shiney gold 29er hardtail made just for her. I hope you had fun in our little town and made lots of groovy friends!

Sparkle on!

Noren said...

How could I forget another " height challenged " rider ?
When I get some photo's of my 29, I will put them up....when you need one, give us a jingle or e-mail...we can hook you up like no one else.
And become a fan of P G on facebook!!