Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A film? Brad Pitt to play me?

No. They want me to play Brad Pitt playing me.
No really, this has been one heck of a year and I thought I would take a few moments out of today, which now I have the crud that has gone around, and just say a couple of things.
We had a good, but trying year. The move has made the shop such a better and more comfortable place to build it is funny. I mean sometimes I stop and look around and giggle. It makes me giddy.
While we are behind a little bit, I am happy to say that we are catching up so fast it is pretty cool.
We have more bikes at the painters and coming back at one time then ever before. There are more creative ideas this year than I ever thought. I mean, come on ! We are making track bikes that look like the Lions from Voltron. That is probably the most awesome sentence I have ever typed, so far...
While I look ahead for NAHBS , I wanted to take a moment here today before I go pass out on the couch, as I am super sleep deprived right now, to thank everyone who has helped or supported me or the GROOVE in the last three years. Those were the truly tough ones.
But now, I like thinking about the bikes coming back from the painters, the super custom parts we are having made, the bodacious designs coming out of the shop, the brands we are helping to build, and doing it here. Some people said it couldn't be done.Well, sometimes you got to take that risk, you got to sacrifice, and just when you think you should quit, dig deeper. You might find what you are looking for.
Now speaking of that, it is a good segway to a Mr. T.C. Worley of Studio Blue photography in MPLS. T.C. came down and has been lurking around for a few years. I would like to say that he "got" what I was and am trying to do down here. So he took some pictures, and over time with his pal Tony, they decided to make a film about the Groove, and well, I guess me too. It is very weird for me to say that, like :" Come see my film about me and Peacock Groove", but come see it. I have only seen the teaser, so they probably don't want me blabbing all over about it.
Come see it for your self, I would love to see you there.



Gunnar Berg said...

You may be only the second movie star I've ever known. Fun.

DMC said...

Trailer was awesome,, hope I can lay my eyes on the whole thing sometime soon..

Steel is real and goes fast!!

Tom Bike said...

you did a great job ;)