Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Good evening or morning everybody.
I would like to take this little slice of cyberspace to thank all the fine folks AT POPULAR MECHANICS for the fine work and effort that went into the article that we , Peacock Groove were in.
You did just read that right, P G is in the POPULAR MECHANICS !!
This has been a long road coming, and they heard about the move and wanted to hear about what was going into the new shop. And they came down and did a photoshoot and interview and everything. It was very surreal .
I am very proud of this moment because all the time since I have been building frames the only real goal I ever had was to make my father proud of me.
Fame , fortune, and all the things money can provide were secondary. I just wanted my Dad to sit down, be reading his Popular Mechanics and say:
"Shit...that's my son!" Mostly because for years he would leave an issue out on the table wit ha note for me to read this or that article in the issue... I thought :" Wouldn't it be cool if some other Dad left it out for his son to read, about something Peacock Groove was doing?
That would make all the cuts, burns, bruises, late bikes, bounced checks, "Dad you got five bucks?" , repaints and late nights worth it. It really is that simple.
I would like to think that the return of American manufacturing is at hand, and that the people can get back to work. We can do it here, and we should.
Keep it local, and keep it PROUD .
We are labourers, we make things.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm off to the book store to get a copy tomorrow.

T.C. said...

Congrats! And is this the 2nd post in a months time? I don't even know you anymore.

Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff, Noren! Making dad proud is always a fine accomplishment :)


Noren said...

thanks you guys. And Joel, I might even sign yours.LOL !!

Anonymous said...

I have to save room for Kvale's signature--it's really big.