Friday, February 11, 2011

The Reign of Columbus MAX !

For as long as I can remember, I have been hugely fascinated by the MAX tube set , and all its adornments.
I was building with the max 7 degree offset crown the day Peacock Groove came into existence , and I remember many frame builders saying how heavy and stiff it was. That it was no good, and took to much labor to make.
Well, I did not care. The look and ride I desired was right there in that fork crown, blades and dropouts! I was in love with the MAX aesthetic , and I could build them all day. Are they a little more work than other forks? Yep. Are they worth it? Yep, every file stroke.
While I have always wanted a MAX frame and fork for myself, I was too busy building bikes for other people and I finally put myself into the cue. Yep, I get to wait too.
Now, since some time has passed, MAX is back in demand, and Columbus has answered. Now there is MAX and MINIMAX, and MAX lugsets back in production. The new fork crowns will make for awesome cross machines and touring forks, possibly some 29nr action?The possibilities are there, and you know we will take it to the deep custom level. I love this crown, and the possibilities wit them.
Here is a couple of shots of possible? NAHBS forks, one by the Groove, and one by the very mysterious Vincent Dominguez. Can you guess who's is who's ?
Have a nice weekend.


omgmrj said...
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Gunnar Berg said...

A shot in the dark guess - yours is the one on the viewer's left, with the ugly dropouts.(Beauty being in the eye of the beholder) said...

this is going to be so much fun!!
looking forward to the reign of columbus max. that and bmx chainstays.

Noren said...

Ha! Nope, the Groove is on the right.
Had to make it so If I ever got to an aftermarket fork ( why? )it would match. But that is my fork for the American Touring bike we make, The Country Mile. Why that name? Because it is built for the country, and can go for miles.....

Gunnar Berg said...

Ahhh, I'm confused. As the viewer, the one with the rack would be on my left. Right?

Vincent Dominguez said...


Right. The one with the rack is on the left. And the ugly Llewellyn socketed dropouts.

The bend in the fork blades is ugly, too — there’s not much round section to that fork blade to put in a lot of camber.

- V.

Unknown said...

I just saw some pictures of a dope ass gold bike one urban velo. I see you got it finished?