Sunday, August 17, 2008

Babes and Bikes in a bikeland and a Green Machine..

What a whirlwind it has been lately.Lots going on at the Shop and it is just plain busy!
I have finally, and I do meen finally made myself a new roadbike.
I started it fouryears ago, and just finally finished it.I wanted this bike a while ago and I decided to make sure everybodys bike was done before mine. That's just the way it turned out. Timing is everything, but the bike must be right before it goes out the door. But, about the new ride:
Incredible fit, rides so well I don't mind riding a "couple more" miles on it.I can't say enough about it, so I will leave it as "it rocks".More than I wanted, it keeps getting better. I should have built it sooner. How about some specs for the geeks in us all:
True Temper S3 tubing. Frame painted wieght was 3 lbs even. Hell yeah.
Zipp 404 painted to match rims mated to DT Swiss 240's via some DT areolights, 28 per wheel. Vittoria corsa evo sew ups. Campy RECORD cranks, painted to match. Thomson stem and seatpost. Syntace carbon bar- the most comfortable bar I have ever used. Period. Campy RECORD brake levers, oh yeah, painted to match.The paint is a PPG color called :"Poison Ivy". I thought it was fitting in a karmic way because this is the first bike I have built for myself after the shop moved, into The Ivy Building. And, it is also a shade shifting paint, from cobolt blue, violet, teal back to green. You must see it in person to belive it. I love this bike.
And, in other news, Peacock Groove will be sponsering the BABES IN BIKELAND alleycat race to be held on Saturday September 27th. The winner will recive a Peacock Groove CUSTOM frame and fork. This is a 2,200 plus retail value prize.That is some serious shit. Custom, made to order, and I am gonna do it up fanboy style.So- ladies, get your friends, get them to race, bring everybody, this is shaping up to be one hell of a gig.
enjoy the pics, even though they are incredible!
Still learning my camera...

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