Monday, June 16, 2008

custom part duooh!(2)

Well. I didn't really say everything I wanted to yesterday. I don't always elaborate well.
Custom, to me , is taking that fine tubeset of Italian steel, and making it into something no one else has. It isn't a "stock size. It didn't come out of a factory in Taiwan. I only know of one bike that has a skull headbadge that doubles as a beer bottle opener. And, that's right, it's a P G . It is in the details, and when you shape a lug that no one else has shaped, it makes it unique. The size of some custo mbikes might even be the same, but the differences can be as simple as : a sloping top tube, horizontal drops, rack mounts, disc brakes mounts, dropouts with your logo waterjet cut into them, stainless accents.
I don't care who poo poo's on stainless accents, they are hot !!
All this we at P G have done,and i wanted to let you guys and gals all know, we are gonna raise it up again.
What are we gonna do?
You are gonna have to wait tell NAHBS 09.
INDY. the state, not the jones guy.
I want to tshow that bikes can be beutiful , even while NOT following the standards of today, which were standards of yesterday, that lugs can take different shapes than what a lot of people are doing. A lot of the builders out there, especially the new ones, are making bikes that look like "BUILDER X" .That just aint my thing.
After working at Croll for over , 10 ish years, under 3 different owners, I am now, NOW just starting to do waht I wanted to do 10 years ago. I am catching up to my ideas, and making new ones too. I can garrantee, you will never have seen these new things in the bike world. EVER.
It will be damn worth it.

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