Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring, sadness, and rebirth !

Happy warm weather up here everyone.
This has been a very difficult time up here in the last few months.The shop is coming along, but the move was very difficult and took much longer than I would have liked or wanted. There were and still are things that pop up and take money like you would not believe. Power, the air vent system, running air lines, prepping an area for a pint booth, yes a paint booth, and of course optimizing the space for efficiency .This all takes a lot of time, and it is finally coming to an end. I really want the 10, 12 and 14 hour days to end. I would like to ride again.
There have also been a few deaths in my family, and a close friend. When things like this happen, they can be hard to deal with on many levels : having to take off to deal with these things and not getting back to anyone, business OR personal, helping family that you have not seen since forever, and the cost of it all. But, there are good ham sandwiches to be had. Not a good trade off if you ask me. So, this has been the spring of sadness for me, and one way of taking care of this feeling is I am going to ride more. I have in the last 14 years never really just RIDDEN. More than just riding to work, or for errands, but I want to go on a RIDE ! To somewhere, to ride, and then ride home. This is one of the priorities that I am going to make for myself.
And, some of the bikes that came in for a repaint are going in the booth soon and that is the rebirth part of it all. It was nice to see a couple of these old bikes and then put some nice head tube reinforcement rings on it, and some internal brake routing. And new paint , and BAM !! New bike.
Now, I am going to go get caught up some more.Kamal, Scott and Mike , you are on deck, watch this little blog!